Louis Delahaije

Louis Delahaije, Dr. MSc

Nederlandse Triathlonbond headcoach
Lotto-Jumbo Cycling trainer/coach

The Tour: Physiological and logistic aspects of the race and preparation

The Tour de France is a complicated race. Physiologically it is very demanding because it lasts for three weeks and all aspects of the sport of cycling are in it. The rider who is competing for the general classifications needs to be a good climber, recover extremely well over three weeks but also needs a good time trial, tactical skills and to a certain degree a good sprint.

On the other hand the Tour is a logistical challenge to the teams. To keep control over a constantly moving circus of more than 20 teams is demanding. Challenges that need to be addressed to be successfull are optimal sleeping conditions and optimal food for the riders.

In my presentation I will give an insight in the power numbers of the tour for the GC riders in our team and the way we prepare for this. The role of altitude training will be crucial to success. On the logistical side I will tell something about the things we organize around our riders to keep them heathy and let them recover and perform optimally. I will focus on the role of nutrition and hygiene.