Håvard Moksnes

Håvard Moksnes, PhD

Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center & The Norwegian Olympic Training Center, Oslo, Norway

Sports Physiotherapist at the Norwegian Olympic Training Center and the Norwegian Sports Medicine Center
Program Director of the IOC Diploma in Sports Physical Therapies

Practical aspects of physiotherapy in competition

The presentation will focus on the management of lower extremity sports injuries during the competitive season. Practical aspects on the handling of overuse injuries and acute injuries will be covered. In particular in season management of tendinopathies and previous joint injuries will be focused. Practical examples will be presented on load management and weekly periodisation planning - both for overuse injuries and in the late rehabilitation phases when athletes are returning to sport following long-term injuries such as ACL reconstructions. Furthermore, clinical reasoning issues related to the assessment and rehabilitation of acute injuries will be covered. Finally, practical aspects of managing return to sport decisions is discussed.